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Pharisee Timelines

Something I wrote about the "Christian" Faith today


I took a look at the old testament animal sacrifice thing. How does this atone for our "sin"? You are butchering an animal for non food. Ten commandments says not to kill.
Ten commandments govern OT LAW not SIN nor its penance.
Levite priests created the penance for sin, OT Law and so on. This is not "Christianity".

Also supposedly when Christ died for sins, this replaces OT law and you're not even supposed to consider it. In OT law they never say to another to ask God to be your savior. Christ started this, or Christians when they created Christianity after his death. Jesus supposedly said " Take up your Cross and follow me." he says this to Matthew the tax collector. But he did not say give me your soul and I will make you like me.



Furthermore how does "piling your sins on an animal and then driving it out into the desert" get rid of YOUR SIN? It does not. Plus today as well as then this is animal cruelty. Supposedly the bible is parable -- but this makes no sense. Animal sacrifice is sick, and I can't believe the OT law was this strict and this retarded.

The mainstream of the fail of eden's experiment, lead to mainstream Sadducee religion and law. You can read Deutoromony and Leviticus to see just how strict this was.


plural noun: Sadducees
  1. a member of a Jewish sect or party of the time of Jesus Christ that denied the resurrection of the dead, the existence of spirits, and the obligation of oral tradition, emphasizing acceptance of the written Law alone.
    Of course we also have the Pharisee law:
    noun: Pharisee; plural noun: Pharisees
    1. a member of an ancient Jewish sect, distinguished by strict observance of the traditional and written law, and commonly held to have pretensions to superior sanctity.
      • a self-righteous person; a hypocrite.
        However the supposed people of Exodus and the later half of Genesis were they Jew? How long before Jesus was these jewish sects within sanction of their law?
        Christ supposedly died in 70 a.d. as The "Messiah". How long before then were they there? Are there any modern day or past clues in the bible?
        I found this:
        • Judaism: Pharisees, Scribes, Sadducees, Essenes, and Zealots.
        • PHARISEES. (from Greek for “separated. ...
        • the Torah and its strict. adherence from c150 BCE. ...   (around the 2nd century BCE which counted down and started again with 1 Century AD if I am not wrong = 70 A.D.)
        • redemption, resurrection, free will, angels and. ...
        • washed ritually. Observed seven hours of. ...
        • at the time of Herod. ...
        • of the Torah since before. ...
        • to keep the Sabbath.

I don't "settle"

There is a large sum of males in the world believing I need to pick one of them and "settle".

1. One I do not have a clock inside of me ticking saying ok now hurry up. I do not want children or a marriage. I like the idea of weddings and dresses and food and rings, but i do not want to marry anybody. I do not want the Rosalie Hale dream, nor a white picket fence or anything like this with a dog and a cat and perfect little time gay.

2. I have disabilities and because I am them they are my baggage they are my deal to deal with not a man's. Nope. My money is also for me, screw yourselves.

3. I do have plans for some of the futuristic money = buy a home or rent to own or have one built. Something new to learn. No I don't want your baggage from past relationships, to know how deep the porn model could spread her legs or to care about the stains of ya'lls shit all over the rug still somewhere. I don't know why you came here to live but im not interested ok?

4. You can try to wreck the headspace we all share with your bullshit but you will look like a fool, be left in your own shit, it will never close and you will just have to deal with it. FUCK YOU.

5. My hand will not be cheating on me like your gay friends - ok see you now.

I am also not going to dry up like a twig and rot away inside myself because everyone is choosing you you you. Yeah you dress up in a skirt, pay someone to be your date and so you can get "laid", and look like your are the shit. You still smell when you shit. You are not even a real woman. You don't even bleed. You don't do shit. you lie. lie lie lie. the hell you think you can make a woman settle. and I don't date black men shane. We do not get to choose these house mates you shit hole.

GO fuck yourself.

Hey we're pagan leave that alone!

I am not just a pagan. I am a heathen, a shaman. I will speak up for Spirituality rights and (rites) NO matter who follows me, who gets what and who think they know me and trust me don't really care. You want to live a fake life and entertain me with your fake shit, excuse me I have something better to reply too. I think there is a wonderful spiritual movement going on in society, the planet and regardless if you think you have the right to shut me up or hold me back you don't and you won't.

I don't sit on my hands anymore, if I ever did.

It does not matter if I call myself satanist, pagan, heathen, wiccan, shaman etc -- I believe in the right to express beliefs. It looks like an argument if you want to see it as an argument. It's not, its debate sure but its not that invested seriousness. That is not what I am all about. and you realizing I am about a debate, can't control me, you don't need too. I exist as a singular entity outside of your person and or views, we don't date nor are we in a relationship. You do not have any rights to dictate how I live.

I know you do not really give a damn about me, and this is how I know it:


Shane, Really You are just as bad as Todd.


Spiritualities Open That I write on

I have the right to share my beliefs and opinions on religion and spirituality just as well as anyone else:


I realize when I go about the internet, I am speaking about allot of spiritualities or non; and because I have the belief that I am an entity, I feel like I should be able to spread wisdom about what I am and what I do, and how I believe without fear of judgment by anyone that does know me, or anything that doesn't know me, because frankly my dears I do not give a damn, about what you think. 

Satanism: I write about satanism from time to time. This can be considered dark shamanism for how I believe about Satan. I do not feel he is an evil, or a male, or devil, nor that he is a scapegoat for sin. I am not a LaVeyian Satanist and I have a group for my version on this site which is daenarism. Satan to us was a star guide, of star culture and was a being of ascension. When mixed up with hebrew and other genesis faiths, Satan became a watcher or an angel. Satan is a force, or the first entity being, and is Selfless Self. Precisely Prejudiced, Selfless but still caring what happened to themselves and not making wrongful decisions. We find truth in our Satan with the early version of Danu from Ireland, and the Pangean Calypso. The first lands were called Daena(e). I do not believe in the teachings of LaVeyian satanism however I can not fault them for wanting their statues on state grounds and Satanism any form being represented as a world spirituality or religion.

Christianity: I write about christianity - true christianity to me is not judging others, or their methods and being there for all or one another through trials and tribulations of their churches or the world. This is the missionary statement of Christ to be good to all, or their own kind and to house, feed, clothe and give medicine. Daenarists also live similar, but you can not clothe, feed, shelter and so on forever, eventually the lamb must become a sheep. I do not consider what is in the world today to be Christianity and its why I speak out against it.

Wicca: I used to participate in wicca. Now I see wicca to be a lie because of its gypsy roots and do not speak on or practice it.

Shamanism: I speak on open shamanism and write about it as I am a shaman. Many people do not know that I am Sioux (Si) because I have this native american history in my being and dna. But I am shaman in other ways that have nothing to do with native american tribes. Any culture that is heavily supernatural and fearful at first have shamanic ties. Understanding the fear of the culture (like why frogs rained on the mayans in 388K BCE) and overcoming the fear (Learning that wind storms like cyclones or tornados can drop frogs in swamp over an inland land area as it moves over land) is apart of being a shaman and being one with your abilities and how it can effect the veil of magick - as our mind grows up through the fear, and knows peace.

I do not dress up in feathers and a head dress and carve symbols in my flesh or drink bird blood or starve myself for weeks at a time. Misconceptions. Romanians are Shaman, Vampyres are, Faeries, and Therian are all shaman, not otherkin are otherkin, but some 3% are real life wise entities. Germanic people were shaman, and so were Icelandic, Norse, Norsk, and Celtic/Keltoin as well, these are also words for ourselves, the Naja, the Annunaki/Annunaji that the world knows some of. I don't care if you believe in me or not or that you see me as a fool or teacher, if you can take something from what I share then I hope it helps you.

Paganism: I am Pagan and I am a Heathen. I am Not truly Asatru, but I am Heatheru. (Caysh-nu). Much has been lost to time because these were oral traditions (tradios) passed down in bloodlines through blood itself. They were wise not to write anything down, and with each transcendal period and "death" of the heatheru, it becomes more and more deeper. Pagan means country dweller and Heathen means those from the heath - wood - the area I live in is one of the last little wooded areas in the city, and it has a different feel than anywhere else in the city. But by city means we are still suburbia. Parts of our city or town would be considered Bazaar/Oasis and the other Part Hamlet/Village, or shamlet nearer the lakes regions.

Heatheru: I am re creating the heatheru and witsku spirituality online which i a practical magick simple pathway. It has to do with warrior training, herbal medicine, survivor training, honor and loyalty and compassion and a severe guidance of the old ways while also honoring the passing of time and the evolution of the old ways. I am not trying to be popular, just giving others a guide if they want to use it. It is vampyric shamanism magick long before modern era. But some of its survivor training can be very useful for hikers, builders in nature and protective of the environment. Unfortunately, thieves and men of unscrupalous morals have not changed very much and these methods would still work very well for those who like self defense courses. You can see the Heatheru blog here:

Helm of the Skan - may soon add it to bravesites with its own domain. I hope to have the ebook sketched out sometime soon and created by May of 2019. Those who do not want me to work on heatheru trad for new era can kiss my ass, including shane and the rest of his friends. -1⁠ 

Witsku is also something I work with and write about. I consider witsku the actual workings of the heatheru, where heatheru is the physical actual training, witsku is the shadow magick tradition. (Sjadu Witsku) or shadow magick  not magick done in shadows but the shadow realm - not of the norse but of the in between aka veil magick, even though there has never been a veil and never will be one. The term veil was created because gypsy believed they could not see where the dead had gone, into heaven or hell etc and the veil seperates the living world from the dead lands. The strigoi term for this is Shawl. The Shawl is something we cross over once we move on to our next life phase which is the time of lenerophase in a strigoi woman's life - menopause for others. The term in witsku for the veil magick is "ILEIL" (I-lee/a). Yes its true, this tradios only works for that which is truly strigoi and strinoi and other cultures names and tribes of this same tradition. Not Gypsy or Upi or Lupi/o or Upyr. Not Vampire like. It, the very fabric of our being knows if we are correct tradios or NOT, you can not be cunning and trick the realms. You can lie to yourself and do what we do but it will not help you it will trouble you.

Vampyrism: I also write on vampirism and vampyrism. But I consider this right in there now with shamanism and or heatheru. Therefore I don't feel a need to address it other than it is mainly elementalism. I am not sanguine. I do not drink the blood of donors, animals or people. I sometimes partake of pranic fluids and I have partners that I do that with that are like myself.  I do not seek it from outside my race. I am a pranic purist. I can not partake of the unclean. I do not even eat ham or shell fish or shrimp any more. I will get violently sick for about an hour and 35 minutes.

Satanist Rights

Many of the Church of Satan (LaVeyian) peeps have been busy this yr getting their statues approved for inclusion at the State Houses.

I have read many articles this yr that have the statues at Arkansas, Ilinois, and other chapters as well. I follow satanist news as I am a fan.

I see no fear in it, no dogma, no reason why they can not practice their (works). Anyone or group should be able to see their religious views on displays in museums, parks, and state grounds.

However I disagree with most of the immature pranks and do not believe they should continue them.

Making fun of Christmas carols which are already dumb sounding enough, masterbating on grave stones - hey the dead can't see you.

Protesting their right to make noise alongside Christians, seeing the hate pile up like on this site covering the Illinois daily wire article:

 Makes them no better than angry Christians. If Knowledge is the greatest gift, then don't mock it no matter what side of the coin you are on.



  • Should be able to practice as freely as anyone else, peacefully without disturbing the peace.
  • Should hold rallies only in like minded venues where they are present.
  • Build statues and put them everywhere cultures can be appreciated not just state houses. I'd like to see or own one of their statues, but can't visit their statehouse in arkansas.
  • Other religions should quit hating on satanists and realize they are Americans as well and have rights like others long as they practice peacefully, remember Satan is the Prince of Peace originally. He/She/It would not want their people to practice immaturely.
  • Rebellious behavior is just like drug abuse which is not something they endorse according to the

Personal Freedoms

This is more of a gripe I suppose.

To all my haters who want to cause me strive because I live at a "Christian program for the homeless/low income".

I have almost 41 yrs of age, of mostly sound mind and I have been pagan since I was age 18. I see no fault with it. I do not live at home with a mother and a father that control my every whim. I spend money when I want too and I go out when I want or need too, I pay my bills and my rent. I hardly ever bring a complaint to anyone unless I think they really need to hear it, and I go on with my life smoothly.

I am not the only pagan here, clearly nor the only occultist nor probably the only "vampire/strigoi" on the block.

As long as I am not harming myself, animals or or other people for blood or fluids or energy or ritual or prayers or the room itself or house then I can practice safely within the confines of my own home, or room. I am an American. If the united states army recognizes wicca and paganism as a justifable legal spirituality (as they allow soldiers to be buried with pentagrams on their gravestones) then realtors, boarding house owners and Housing programs technically under state law can not turn away a client due to sexual prefs, religion, skin color or nationality, or gender. If you want to be a man and dress like a woman and be technically a woman or vice versus this is also allowed. You may not like it, You may not condone it, but what they do as long as they pay their bills and rent and keep their place tidy and they harm nothing or no one or place you can't disallow them a room.

You people should realize I am not scared to be put out over my spiritual choices. I will always be what I am. There is no change to this. It's not like I can't be what I am, or live like one of us would live.

Sorry that is not the reality of life.

Deal with what and whom I choose to be, or have administration ask me to leave if you think it really bothers the area I am for me to be here.

This would be a hate crime. This would be illegal under state and city law and would not stop my faiths. I believe in God as well. I know there are forces of dark as well as light. I also don't believe the dark is as evil as people believe. I have seen miracles myself, been in a few as well as prophecies. I know who my haters are and I know what you want. You just want to torture me in my mind. It is not working.


The Joys of IMVU Creation

Yesterday was small business saturday on IMVU, which takes after the real world and black friday and creators meet others.

I think they should have this every weekend.

IMVU just does not turn out the credits or even the payments like they used too. I buy less credits and less items in the cat and I am pretty sure others do as well.

It used to be a fun chat experience but now its starting to flop.

I am considering no longer being a creator. I just don't get the popularity of the small business saturdays and the content creators all having a good time, and none of its with the real life person it is all with the person's avatars.

It's kind of stupid. Like you just can't click a person's banner anymore you totally have to immerse yourself in the whole experience.


Sorry, it just seems stupid really.

VIP = Very idiotic personalities ;)

Unclean Animals

Today we were at my friend's house, and they are big on christianity.

Everyone is preparing their thanksgiving feasts and even though Christ (Christian belief) came and replaced the old law in the OT which says 

thou shall not eat anything unclean, one of these animals being Pig or ham, I had mentioned how it was unclean.


"Don't You say that!" One of the ladies (Uppity Black woman super Christian) who had thought of the verse in Acts when Peter went up to the roof and Christ says to him "say nothing is unclean that I have said was clean", and technically the NT says that Christ makes things clean, his word that if you had to eat it, you could, but I believe that it is better to starve and go hungry than eat unclean things.

She thought that I was chastising the lady for cooking with pig even though she is large on Christian, she is African American and she has had to eat pig most of her lives in order to be fed. This I understand. But if you keep God's word, then you should also not eat of the unclean animals.

Acts 10:9-16 New International Version (NIV)

Peter’s Vision

9 About noon the following day as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the roof to pray. 10 He became hungry and wanted something to eat, and while the meal was being prepared, he fell into a trance. 11 He saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. 12 It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles and birds. 13 Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.” 14 “Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.” 15 The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” 16 This happened three times, and immediately the sheet was taken back to heaven. New International Version (NIV)

Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.®

Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Now, I don't carry a bible with me, but I pulled out my phone, turned on my data and looked up the verse on Bible Because she had asked me "what part of the bible it had come from and what book and verse" and I said It comes from the OT, but not the verse because I did not remember. So to defend my words, I had to look this up to show the other what the verse said. Now I know that The OT is over looked. But King James had his monks include it for some reason. It's still unclean. However, some parts of the pig may be cleaner than others, or it would have worked for the time -- as sometimes you can not help what you must eat.

I am not Muslim. I am Not Christian. But I am Universalist. I know people judge me. Let them. I will be a testament unto the nations.


Be you Christian or non, do you see pigs as unclean? It can cause cancer, it can cause heart disease, It can cause diabetes. It can cause ear problems, It can cause colon problems. It can also make your soul unclean where you live like pigs do. Pigs have sex with anything, eat anything, and their family members. It is a warning if we eating uncleanly, it will lead to living uncleanly.


Georgia Pagan's Yule Ornament and sticker shop

Is open for early christmas, holidays and thanksgiving, yuletide shopping:


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