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My new pagan amulet


My New pagan amulet a viking/celtic raven pendant is on the way from aliexpress!

Whale has crossed my path today!

Found my whale in a thrift store, wanted to know what whale means.

What Whale means

I like big cuddly stuffed animals from the sea.


This is it, This is Bubbles! 

This is Bubbles :)

IMVU updates for October

I bought a small batch of credits as well as my 5k allowance in october I created several sabbat related items (as its halloween and I wanted something cool for sabbat players to use in their VtM roleplay as well as myself. I am all for the Tzimisce clan btw let me tell you) and now there is a sabbat throne, sabbat meeting room, and i would be willing to create personalized clan/pack thrones with your symbol on the throne, if this is something that interests you get in touch or its easy to do yourself if you are a creator...)


I also created for my halloween party online, Bonegirl's Haunt:

(I botched some ghosts but I am liking the botch I call that part the spirit rings so na na!)

So Happy October everyone -feel free to come like my shop and add me as a friend or follow at Link ;)

How to Fart

I am sorry but I am on a site looking for better gas relief medicine as I have IBS and other stomach problems that keep me from sleeping  (like today)

and so I come across this link, where Yoga practice can show us How to Pass Gas better.  I just had to share.

How To Fart



Thanks for checking out the new blog and website. More soon! Happy October 2018 everyone!

I had a website on socibd for but socibd and I have parted ways and ended our "business" relationship so I am having to find excellent but really cheap hosting somewhere to redirect my domains too. 


I am a life coach, or zen coach even if you will, that helps people recondition their lives and living after divorce or a bad relationship has come to an end. Or perhaps your parents and yourself no longer see eye eye or you have had bad toxic friendships come to a close or they should.

 Let me know as I am sure I could help. My advice is free, clean and accurate. Listen to your gut if something feels wrong, get out now.


I ask my readers or my "clients" give a donation of no more than 10.00 USD if they are satisfied with their readings. Its up to you however and I never expect anyone to donate. I know we all have troublesome lives where money is tight, I am no exception! My paypal button is on the sidebar.


Community Group

You can join our awesome group for at :-)=

Happy Halloween

Thick Skeleton Skull

Vampire Tarot


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