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Feel free to contact me using this form if you would like to discuss reconditoning, spiritual needs or you just feel like talking.

Try to follow these guidelines:

1. Do not give me your life story all in a rush.

2. Do not use or give sexual needs to me or think I will blush because of sexual chat/your curious etc. I am not shy when it comes to sexual items or relationships BUT I will not cyber and or sext and I do not care to see pics of yourself naked.

3. Don't ask me to send you money.

4. Don't abuse this form or my or your time.

5. Do NOT get upset at whatever I read from you if you ask me for a reading. I do not sugar coat anything.

If I sense you are a fake persona trying to get a reaction I will decline your reading. These readings are free, people only make a small donation if they want too.


You can also send advertising, interviews (its happened) inquiries, and other items but do not abuse the contact form, I will report you when needed.

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