Spiritual Awakenings abound

I have been life coaching and writing for Spiritual State for about 4 years now. I decided I would move the page off facebook and into a blog on wordpress.

I wanted to convey positive views, as well give others motivation. I also wanted to do it without being a channel for the angels or mention the mother ships.

I also wanted people to be aware of reconditioning away from broken traditions without feeling hopeless or that they couldn't change at age 30 or 40 when I know that you can. I have done it myself. But its only hard to do if you think it is. Do you really want to change your life? Do you really want to start over? Dr. Bob Lancer's radio show on Sunday morning literally changed my life. I was 33 and had no answers concerning my own life. My soul mate relationship of two yrs had just ended. I was broke, broken and I thought destroyed. But I wasn't. He told me that I didn't need all the answers at age 33 - who told me that I needed them? Aren't we supposed to have them by now, I said? No, he said. Do what you think you should do, not what you think others want you to do. That is why I am a life coach. Then one day many days ago as I was rebuilding my life about three years ago now, I checked my linkedin page for my work, my light working page and guess who had added me as a friend or associate? Bob Lancer that's who! He added me -- and I had not even friend requested him. He said my page was one of light! That really made my year.

I know I can help others too. Are you ready to change?

Spiritful Lesson Ascension Blog

Do Not let Dense False Darkness in

You know how you used to live? That path of not really doing what you are supposed to be doing and cutting the corner and sitting on your hands because someone told you too and that this is not real? That there really is no higher power and so you become burdened with whats my purpose? Do I have to try? What will others think of me and the "sin" of the old world drags you down and you feel like your nothing and no one? Dense energy, and false darkness and light, can should you let it, cause a cancer in you that riddles your mind, and body and you become a pervert, a fool and a child of immaturity inside yourself because you are scared to take a leap of faith and do something else instead of drinking, drug abuse, narcotics abuse, and addicted to flesh and how it appears to you. This is not being awake. This is being lost to needing a dependancy on others so we never grow as a singular spirit. Sex can be a poison a toxin. Being addicted to flesh and its poisons over take our mind, because we get tired of taking care of ourselves and so we want others to baby us and take care of us. You will never do more harm to yourself then putting yourself and your decisions in some other person's lives and most people do not know how to live correctly, so their "sin" is everywhere -- alcoholic, pill swallowing (not like medicine you need, but what they think makes them FUN) and so on is no way to live.

Take a bath one day with tea tree oil soap and feel the "web and stench of IT" fall off you. No one negative will be able to tolerate this scent on your body -- and they will try very hard to stay away from you or they will try and retrap you in their "sin".

Spiritful Lesson Ascension Blog

Spiritful Lesson is a wordpress ascension blog where I write what I used to call energy alerts.

Now it is more like ascension grid awareness as we are aware of Evolution and its progress in the realm.

You will need an open mind, as the world is changing.

I do not address angels or channels and archangel Michael channels and so on.

Real honest ascension energy practices and well being.