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As a latent vampyre, elemental shaman in design as heatheru tradition of Romania and Appalachian in design, I follow a tradition called Wraitl in which (Wray-tel) the vampyre believes they are of a supernatural condition and constantly transcend in being, are not "physical" nor of the material world, and do not lifestyle.

Wraitl's are often depicted as shadow beings and also practice elemental shamanism and shadow magick. They are also Revenants but instead of viewing this in a sad, way we see this as a positive item and seek to teach others about it.

This is not Vampyre lifestyle or rpg. We celebrate all the positive aspects of being strigoi and vampyric however. We also bust out fake communities and groups when needed and try to maintain a good working foundation. On Facebook we run the Vampyre Communal for the state of Georgia as well as run several other groups as well.

Wraitli Exbuis @ WP

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